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Homebuyers Reports

The HomeBuyer Report, previously known as the Homebuyers Survey and Valuation (HSV) and often still referred to as a Homebuyers Survey, was introduced in 2009 and is completed within a standard format as laid down by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The HomeBuyer Report is recommended for conventional, newer homes, which are in reasonable condition. It is the most frequently undertaken survey which provides a more in-depth report of the condition of the property and will give you professional advice to allow you to make an informed decision of whether to go ahead with buying a property.

The HomeBuyer Report will not detail every single aspect of the building, but it does spotlight urgent matters that have a substantial effect on the value of the property and need attending to or further investigation. It will include all major sections of a property that are visible to the surveyor, so they will not lift up floors or carpets and wiring will not be included.

HomeBuyer Reports are completed by RICS Chartered Surveyors. To get the expert and independent advice a Chartered Surveyor can offer, simply complete the form below and one of our advisers will be in touch.

"Don't leave it to chance. When you think about the amount you are spending on your new property, it makes sense to have the peace of mind a Homebuyers report offers."

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Please see below fee scale for your personalised Homebuyers Report. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

up to £100,000 - £450up to £700,000 - £825
up to £200,000 - £500up to £800,000 - £875
up to £300,000 - £575up to £900,000 - £950
up to £400,000 - £650up to £1,000,000 - £1,000
up to £500,000 - £700£1,000,000+ By negotiation
up to £600,000 - £750

Please click here to view a sample of a property that has had a report which shows the level of detail you can expect.


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