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The Annual Finance Planning Group Conference 2017

Each year, the Finance Planning Group’s advisers and staff meet up for a day of mixed activities, which support the group's culture of working together to achieve customer excellence.

This year was the biggest event yet, set in the Grand Hotel in Brighton, amongst a sea of marble and bronze in the most luxurious of surroundings, The Finance Planning Group (or FPG as they are sometimes known) were joined by over 20 different lenders, including new additions HSBC and Tesco, to spend time sharing knowledge with advisers in a relaxed environment.

The Finance Planning Group takes staying ahead very seriously as they know how much their clients benefit from a combination of fantastic personal service and improvements in technology. “Anyone can use a mortgage sourcing tool but understanding a lender’s criteria is a skill we are very proud of” – wise words from one of the many advisers attending the day.

The morning Lender round table sessions proved to be very popular, with lender representatives imparting years of knowledge and expertise of their products and services to FPG’s advisers and support team. Following a delicious lunch, the group assembled for a series of keynote speeches and presentations, followed by the prestigious Finance Planning Group Awards Ceremony.

Terry McCutcheon and Dan Maskell welcoming guests

  • Lenders stands

Kicking the afternoon session off was Dan Maskell, the driving force behind the Finance Planning Group’s mortgages. Dan shared his passion for success in a way that is hard not to follow (the sign of a true leader). He shared Finance Planning Group’s plans for 2017 and introduced the people he had to support him and the advisers to achieve their goals.

First up was Pete Burgess with a short keynote on risk. A strange choice to start with compliance? Not at all, as it is the Finance Planning Group’s positive attitude to managing risk, which keeps all of the advisers safe. CEO Terry McCutcheon makes it very clear “Business quality comes first, each time every time. In fact, our reputation is built on it”. Clearly, FPG is doing something right having recently successfully gone DA and joined HSBC and Tesco banks following lengthy due diligence.

“Business quality comes first, each time every time. In fact, our reputation is built on it”
-Terry McCutcheon CEO

Pete eloquently handed over to Dean Aspinall of Finance Planning Wealth. It’s been Dean’s first full year at Finance Planning Wealth and the impact he has made has been felt.  None more so than in fee income, which has risen by 25% in the last year.  Dean had a point to get across, “let’s work together”. A mortgage client will have needs that can be serviced by a wealth adviser and we should try hard to keep clients within the group.

It was great to have Ian Pratt from Legal & General to talk to us about the need for protection, which ended with an emotional telephone recording of a client benefiting from a claim. Whilst we do not know the full circumstances of the claim, the relief in the voice of the claimant was hard not to feel. A true reminder that it is our job to make sure our clients have sufficient protection. Phil Vincent (FPG Sales Manager) took the opportunity to share some startling facts that really hit home. As someone in the age demographic that Phil was discussing, it was alarming to think that it is very likely if it wasn’t me, one of my colleagues will get prostate cancer, it’s a simple fact of life. Not nice to hear but this focus is what separates FPG’s professional protection advisers from order takers.

After a quick coffee break, we were addressed by a guest speaker. In true FPG style, they didn’t take the path of least resistance and choose someone who simply fitted the day’s agenda -FPG chose someone who had something really interesting to say. What was really clever was that they left it to the audience as to what they got from the presentation. Speaker Ben Stoten stood before the audience and shared his story capturing the interest of the audience in a pin drop fashion. Why so? He was standing on two prosthetic legs after having been involved in a bomb blast whilst serving in Afghanistan. What Ben has overcome helped everyone really put into context a number of things and I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear his story.

The Annual Finance Planning Group Awards

Here are this years Award Winners based upon performance and votes from our network of advisers

When the Finance Planning Group do awards, they do them properly. This year was no different and started by FPG recognising its lender partners. We work very closely with our lenders and have a strong business relationship. We love nothing more than to say “Thank you” and “Well done”.

Once FPG had recognised the top lenders, it was time to move onto the main event: the Finance Planning Group Adviser Awards are an opportunity to show who excelled in 2016 and who to look out for in 2017. This year there were a couple of surprise winners, which always keeps the competition fresh and it was great to see some new names at the top.

  • Top Banked
  • John Whetton Award
  • Top GI Adviser
  • Top Wealth Adviser
  • Top Protection
  • Top Mortgages Completed
  • Top Lender (Completed)
  • Top Purchase Lender
  • Top Buy to Let Lender
  • Top Service Award
  • Top BDM Award

Closing the day was our CEO Terry McCutcheon. You will not find someone more focused and dedicated to financial services than Terry and he took some time to reflect on 2016 and the positives of earlier presentations. Moving forwards into 2017 and beyond, Terry’s message was clear: “The Finance Planning Group is here to work with you and to support you to help you look after your clients in the best possible way and to help you achieve your own goals”.

In the evening, everyone enjoyed a fantastic Gala Dinner and danced the night away until the early hours.

Who says financial services is boring?

A Huge Thank you

These days are made possible by our sponsors, the mortgage lenders.


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